Heikki Humberg

John Steinbeck wrote: “There's more beauty in truth, even if it is dreadful beauty.”

Upon entering the room, I am greeted by a lonely chair in the corner. The door closes behind me. My senses grow sharper, as I observe this space void of people. A slight breeze from an open window clatters the blinds against iron bars. Light flickers through.
I could almost call this cozy, but my moment is interrupted by the foreign language of the police in the corridor.

The placement of the furniture reflects the subtle difference of power. Hundreds of human fates have passed through these rooms: the boyfriends, the neighbors, the mothers, the lovers, the bosses, the police, the children, the foreigners... The room is a canvas for their stories, and small marks can be found on the surfaces.

This photographic series takes a closer look behind the closed doors of police interrogation rooms around Europe. The attempt to reach justice and truth is summarized in these spaces where people are forced to interact. The rooms are being recorded by several cameras other than mine. Every gesture is interpreted for the prospect of truth.